Hello, I'm Didier Agani! I'm a Playful Experience Designer based in Billund (Denmark). I've been creating fun and engaging experiences on Web, Mobile, Paper, Wood or whatever is fun for the last 15+ years! Today, I am an Interactive Play Designer at the LEGO Group working on LEGO Super Mario together with Nintendo.

Want to talk, please reach out and let's have a coffee together!

Experience Highlights

<aside> 🙊 Some of you might notice, this is not really a regular website. I decided to cancel my ftp suscription and all and opted for https://www.notion.so/ . I just love that tool and all the insane things it can do (like, everything!). It deserved to be said! Thanks!


Didier Agani Game & Play experience Designer I am French, and live in Billund (Denmark)

Concept & Design Thinking | Creative & Strategic Mind | Problem Solver | Team Player | Leadership | Game Design | Kid audience (from pre-schoolers to Teens) | Toys & Games | Arts & Programing | Free To Play | Multiplayer | Web & Print (Bonus) | Marketing (Bonus) | Unity | Adobe CS (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dream) | Ideas generator | etc... (can we really make a list like that?)